Sacred Valley Mountain Bike Trails

Single Track – Full Day MTB
Riding on the Sacred Valley mountain bike trails is often old Inca Trails, foot paths, animal paths, and lots of Inca Stairs. Come ride the best of the Sacred Valley MTB trails with Gravity! Rough and rowdy with some flow mixed in  are these epic Sacred Valley single tracks! We will choose what ride you do depending on skill level and trail conditions. Price is: 1 person: $260 USD** 2 People+: $190 pp

Includes: Mountain Bike Rental, English Speaking Guide, Private Transport, Biking Gear, Lunch, Water and the Best Story of your life!   INCA AVALANCHE

This route follows the famous Inca Avalanche race course, which every April is the scene of a mad crowd of over 200 mountain bikers rampaging down the mountain in pursuit of victory. More of a downhill trail it has a great mix of everything and will leave you with a permanent grin for weeks afterwards. 

Distance: 8.88 miles/14.3 Km

Max. Elevation: 14135 ft./4,308m.

Elevation descent: 4970 ft./ 1514m. 


The scene of one of the highest Enduro bike rides in the world, this is one that will test your lungs and leave you loving the high alpine riding where you can choose your own free ride lines. A long, epic mountain bike trail this classic Enduro ride is located outside of Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley.

Distance: 17.3 miles/27.9 Km

Max. Elevation: 14552 ft./4,435m

Elevation descent: 5089 ft./ 1551m 

  LARES Inca Trail

Lares is a fluid single track with a mixture of rocks, packed dirt, rock gardens, grass, small steps and some Inca stairs. Intermediate riders will find the trail fun and challenging. Pros will find it fast with natural jumps and hits.  We will pass by Inca ruins throughout and ride to the final trail section down to Calca. Lares prevails as a local favorite due to the combination of fluidity and technical zones. 

Distance: 11.24 miles/18.1 Km

Max. Elevation: 13847 ft./4,220m.

Elevation descent: 4206 ft./ 1282m. 

LAMAY- MTB paradise

 Oh,…Let me explain Lamay. We take a tight valley to a remote area, it is fast and fluid with countryside wild dogs and gnarly dynamic Inca stairs. The trail flows into narrow spots on the edge of the earth followed by rock drops. This is a long trail with stellar views and plenty-a-shred!

Distance: 8.5 miles/13.7 Km

Max. Elevation: 13744 ft./4,189m.

Elevation descent: 4068 ft./ 1239m. 


Huchuy Qosqo: For those who want to add in some climbing on the ride, after reaching the pass you descend Inca trail passing through Inca ruins and riding some gnarly stair sections, eventually the trail kicks you out across the river from the town of Calca. 

Distance: 13.1 miles/21.2 km

Max Elevation: 14163 ft/4317m

Elevation Descent: 4555ft/1388m