En serio, are you ready to ride? Every year some of the best riders come out to tear up the Inca Avalanche. Let’s be real, carnage ensues and most DH races last 2-3 min when THIS DH/ enduro trail lasts 20-30 minutes. Its got every type of terrain: mud, woods, jumps, rock gardens, fluidity and road x-ings (eek!). If you’re down, don’t miss your chance to rip on this downhill haven.

Distance: 14.3 Km
Max. Elevation: 297m
Elevation Gain:
Transport: (Cusco-St.Point/ Finish-Cusco)

Price of trip:
1 person $ 250 USD **
2 people $ 180 USD pp
3 people $ 160 USD pp
** Solo travelers can book a ride for $ 250 and if another rider books we will refund you the amount owed DEPENDING ON amount of riders.

Includes: Mountain Bike, English Speaking Guide, Private Transport, Biking Gear, Lunch, Snacks and the Best Story of your life!