Inca Legends Full Day Epic Ride

Inca Legends Mountain Bike Tour in Cusco
Single Track – Full Day MTB


Perfect for beginner/intermediate riders that want to see the less traveled country side of Peru. Inca Legends Mountain Bike Tour in Cusco is a place where you will see no other tourist. You’ll take off South in a private shuttle from Cusco through breathtaking mountain views. Prepare yourself and bring cold weather gear for the ascend to your starting point at 4267 meters/ 14,000 ft.

From there we’ll soar downhill, potentially gaining up to 50mph, on a combination of wide dirt/ paved roads that run along side the powerful Apurimac river. Depending on the day, we’ll have an authentic Peruvian lunch with some local friends or a generous packed lunch on the edge of a cliff that looks out over the roaring river’s class V rapids. We will have time to stop, take photos, see killer views and last but not least bask in an array of waterfalls. Throughout we will ride through small Peruvian towns and villages like Paruro.

Beware the winding roads, the cliff’s edge, wild dogs and high elevation. Unlike any other way to explore the Cusco valley, this epic full day route will surely make for some unique stories to bring home to your friends.

Arrive at shop/office for departure. Generally between 7-8am (Will be determined before ride day) Arrive back in Cusco between 5:30-7pm Price of trip: 1 person $ 260 USD ** 2 people and up $ 180 USD pp  Solo travelers can book a ride for $ 260 and if another rider books we will refund you the amount owed DEPENDING ON amount of riders. Includes: Mountain Bike, English Speaking Guide, Private Transport, Biking Gear, Lunch, Snacks and the Best Story of your life! map_incalegends inca-legendsDCIM100GOPROGOPR1049. DCIM100GOPROGOPR1035.DCIM100GOPROGOPR1035.